Consumer - Customer
Insights Through
Online Discussions

    CampCite® Qualitative
    Market Research Software

What is CampCite market research software?

All varieties of online focus groups, panels and communities of consumers, customers or study participants and all varieties of qualitative market research studies of short or long duration may be conducted with CampCite. CampCite is cloud-based market research software that seeks consumer and customer insights through online discussions and multimedia exchange. A social media inspired platform allows participants to “show” their thoughts and insights in an exchange of videos, images, mark-ups and text comments. CampCite provides the structure and tools to gather insights from both online group discussions and individual interactions. Customized moderator evaluation and reporting features allow for the “quantification” of participant responses.

How is CampCite useful for market research, business intelligence and brand building?

CampCite’s software performs five (5) integrated tasks on one secure platform to help companies gain the consumer and customer insights needed to win, serve and retain customers.

First, working groups of moderators formulate studies and build multimedia inquiries and activities for study groups or online communities.

Second, study or community participants’ user credentials and email invitations are auto-generated from lists.

Third, a familiar social media interface allows participants to easily comment or add multimedia in a discussion forum or individually. An agile platform allows moderators to create customized scales for marking and quantifying insights and reporting results. Additional multimedia inquiries are easily added to ongoing studies and provide flexibility.

Fourth, working groups of employees and consultants may collaborate using participant data and vet ideas in their own discussion forums.

Finally, multimedia project reports and recommendations for decision makers may be quickly generated from study data, media and reports and delivered on platform.